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Question and Wonder:

  • Has my home always been here?
  • What about the buildings and area around my home, including the trees, sidewalks and streets?
  • What did this all look like when my parents and grandparents were kids?

Imagine and Design:

On a piece of paper, draw three squares along the top with enough room to draw inside them. Underneath those boxes, draw two boxes, again large enough to draw something inside!

In the box on the top left-hand corner of your paper, draw how your home looks now. Next to that draw what you imagine your home looked like when your parents were little. What about your grandparents?

Test and Discuss:

Talk to family members about what your home looked like in the past. Draw how they describe it.

What has changed? Why do you think those things changed?

Did you Know?

Find actual pictures of the way our homes have changed over time at

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