Create an Art Gallery

  • Time Length
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    1-2 hours

  • Mess Level
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    A Little Messy

  • Cost

    Materials or Fees

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Question and Wonder:

How big do I want my new art to be?

Think about how big you want your art gallery to be. How many pieces of art will fit on your wall? If you’re not sure, have an adult measure your wall and help you decide how many pieces to create.

Do I want my drawings to have a theme?

Do you want a wall of puppies, or astronauts? Maybe a mix of all things that you like…horses, superheroes, your favorite tree! Decide if you want a collection of all different kinds of art, or if you want your wall to showcase many different kinds of the same theme.

Imagine and Design:

  • How should you hang your art on your walls? Do you want to tape them up? Or maybe use push pins, What about a string of yarn hung on the wall that you can use clothes pins to attach your art. Don’t forget, you can change your art as often as you wish so don’t hang them too permanently.

Ask an adult first before you make a decision, your home may have rules about what you can use on walls.

Test and Discuss:

  • Once you have your art pieces completed, lay them out on the floor so that you can arrange them how you wish BEFORE you hang them on the wall. Discuss with an adult why YOU like them in this order. Maybe once they are all laid out you change your mind and want to move them around, go for it!

Did you Know?

Need some ideas on where to start your art? Here are some fun ideas for not only displaying your art, but ideas on what to create!

Print Instructions