Kindness Chalk Messages

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Getting Started

Find a nice spot of sidewalk near a community center, place of worship or school.  Take a moment to write a few encouraging words or phrases that others may see when walking into the building nearby.

What pictures could help encourage others that may be nervous as they visit that building?  Have you ever been nervous on the first day of school or meeting new people at a new gathering place?  What words may have made you feel a little more confident?

Question and Wonder:

  • What are things that make you feel nervous? The first day or school, a doctor visit, maybe meeting new friends?
  • Are there words of encouragement that others have shared with you that have made you feel more confident?
  • What are ways you’ve overcome nervous feelings or anxieties?

Imagine and Design:

  • What positive messages or images can you picture that may make someone feel a little more confident that day?
  • What other areas around town do you think people could use some positive words or uplifting messages to help through a stressful situation?

Test and Discuss:

  • Have you seen anyone stop and read your words of encouragement?
  • Did these words make anyone smile or share these words with others?
  • What happens if you leave chalk behind for others to add to the positive words?

Did you Know?

We know that positive words can go a long way and that often you just need a cheerleader to help you get through a time of nervousness.  Anytime that we go through a change, whether it’s a new school, a new sport or even worries about a family member or friend, we can be overcome with anxiety.  Positive words can ease those butterflies and make you more confident to face the changes!

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