Make a Sock Puppet

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Question and Wonder:

What kind of puppet do I want?

Sock Puppets are so fun and easy to make, but deciding WHAT to make can be a challenge. Do you want to make a dog, or your brother/sister, or even a puppet of you? The first thing you will want to do is slide the sock over your hand, decide where you want the mouth, eyes, ears and hair to go. An adult can help you mark on the sock where things will go so you can decorate the sock with it lying flat on a table.

If I make a puppet show, how many puppets do I need?

You can always do a puppet show with one puppet! But you can also bring your family in on the fun and make multiple puppets for an even bigger show. Think about what kind of story you want to tell, and then decide how many puppets you need. Maybe start small, then as you have time, add to your puppet collection and store them to use over and over!

Imagine and Design:

What decorations do you want to use for your puppet? This is a good way to decide what you actually need from your craft supplies.

If your puppet is a person, do they have hair? What color is it? Yarn makes really good hair. What about eyes? Markers can be used to draw the eyes and the mouth. If your puppet is an animal like a dog, felt is a cool way to make ears, or spots for a cow. Jewels are fun if your puppet is fancy, like a princess or a king.

Plan your puppet needs first so that you are sure you have all the supplies before you start.

Test and Discuss:

  • Before you glue or pin everything down, cut out your puppet hair, felt ears or clothes, and anything else you plan to attach to your puppet. Arrange it all on your sock before you secure it down so that it looks just like you want it. Don’t like how it looks? Change it until it is the perfect puppet!

Did You Know?

Fun socks make fun puppets! See if you can find unique socks to use, but ask permission first! Here are some extra ideas on other sock puppets.

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