Self Portrait: How I View Myself

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Go on a nature walk and gather leaves, small stones, flowers, seed pods, and other items.

Question and Wonder:

  • How do shapes, tones, textures and position make my face unique and different from others?
  • What parts of my face are similar to facial features of my family members? How is it different?

Sort through your items for the ones that best represent the look, shapes, and textures of you.

Imagine and Design:

  • Run your hands through your hair. Now touch the different items. Which would work best for your hair? Feathers? Leaves? Grass?
  • When you feel your cheek, it is soft? What is it’s shape?
  • What about your chin? Eyes? Mouth?

Once you have selected the items you think best represent the elements of your face, lay them out on construction paper. Play with the arrangement until you have a picture that represents your face, the unique features that are you. Glue them down.

Test and Discuss:

  • Show a family member and tell them about your self portrait.
  • Explain why you chose the items you did.
  • Ask for their thoughts and discuss.
  • Make some more portraits of family and friends.
  • What similarities and differences do you observe?

Did You Know?

Many famous artists have self portraits in their collected works. Explore some of them using the link below.


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