The Gift of Giving

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Use your imagination to draw a gift for a friend. Can you draw a bundle of flowers? How about a present wrapped in a bow? Can you design a creative picture, like one you might see in a museum?

After your finish your drawing, glue on your items. You might use actual yarn for your present bow. Or, confetti to make the petals of your flowers.

Give your art piece to a friend. How do you think your gift will make a friend feel?

Start with a Story:

Pick up a copy of “Flower Garden” by Eve Bunting at your local library. How do you show your parents kindness?

Question and Wonder:

What makes the world beautiful?

How do people, places and things show kindness to each other and the world?

Imagine a bundle of flowers. If you could give them to anyone, who would that person be?

If a flower could talk, what would it say?

Imagine and Design:

Walking outside or in a park, can you count the flowers you see?

Do you notice a color you’ve never noticed before?

Draw a picture of a flower and a bee exploring the world.

Share this adventure with those around you, give your artwork as a gift to a friend.

Test and Discuss:

How can you show kindness through art?

Can you draw a gift to give a friend. Ex. Draw a present wrapped in a bow. Draw a bundle of flowers. Draw a picture to cheer up a friend on a gloomy day.

Did you know?

Talk, sing, read, write and play are five keys to support early learning. Singing to young children helps them hear the smaller sounds in words, helps to sooth an uneasy mind, and refocuses attention. Sing a song to your child and let your child sing to you. Worried about being out of tune? Don’t be! Your children wants to hear your voice. Make a mistake and keep on belting!




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