What's in my Room?

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Question and Wonder:

• Where did the things in my room come from?
• Who chose them? What are they for?
• I wonder if it will always look like this….


Imagine and Design:

• Take a picture of baby in their room. Do this every few months and track the changes – favorite toys, bed, etc.
• Talk about the things that are in the room and where they came from. “Your grandmother made that blanket for you because….”
• That table is where I put you to change your diaper.
• When you get bigger……

Test and Discuss:

Did you Know? (Opportunity to fold in “Extension” column)
For your baby’s brain to become more complex, they need interactions with you and the world around them. Children form talkative families do better in school because of the stimulation they get from the conversation around them.

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